EDITORIAL: Contactless ‘up North… Well worth it!

Revenue benefits to SMEs of contactless payment for small purchases: trial in Chorlton, Manchester proves value.

Contactless Intelligence

beech_RoadThis post was first released on Monday 29th June. Contactless Intelligence Weekly News Review Editorial – Week 27 2015:

Almost a year to the day, we are reporting once more on what was know in 2014 as the ‘Beech Road Experiment’ – a social engineering experiment that looked to rid one UK high street of cash and to ascertain the public’s attitude to contactless payments.

To recap: shops, restaurants and cafes in a street in Chorlton (near Manchester) were only taking payments on plastic or mobile – no cash allowed. Mary Paul, of the Beech Road traders’ association, said at the time, “Businesses can see the way things are going with more money being taken on cards across the board, so this is a very interesting glimpse into the future for all of us.” That same month the British Retail Consortium (BRC) revealed cash use has fallen by 14% in…

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