EDITORIAL: GB does contactless right – the world could learn from it.

Important 14 October event at Urban Innovation Centre bringing place management and technology together to make the city centre consumer experience more frictionless.

Contactless Intelligence

britannia editorialThis post was first released on Monday 22nd June. Contactless Intelligence Weekly News Review Editorial – Week 26 2015:

There is always a reason to ‘diss’ the UK. Food, weather, politics – you name it. But there are also certain things that the UK does right. One of them being the acceptance and implementation of contactless technology in a variety of formats, from ticketing to payment. Some countries or regions look to the UK and how it has absorbed contactless technology and try their best to learn from it. Others, well, let’s just say that they have a way to go.

Take the ‘myki’ ticketing project in the Victoria region of Australia, for example. Myki was supposed to be Melbourne’s equivalent of London’s Oyster card but the differences have been vast. The project has cost the Victorian taxpayers $1.5 billion and been plagued by problems – many that we have…

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