Workshops on digital economy at a local level

The British High Street has evolved through sweeping changes in society, through successive layers of development and retail expansion, and the growth of technology.  Most importantly we see a fundamental shift from consumers having mostly functional interactions toward consumers expecting engaging experiences, which now form an essential part of what customers of all types expect from their High Street.

In this two hour workshop, we look into the much-used phrase “ The Customer Journey”, examining the ways that the modern consumer has to discover what they want. The workshop will dispel the myth that digital marketing is really just for big companies, and that every small business should feel comfortable in using basic digital tools to engage with their customers. For town centre management, this session will look at how fundamental marketing has not really changed, but has just evolved to keep pace with today’s customers; the session will suggest ways that town centre managers can play a key role in overall local marketing efforts. The session will include a “taster” on the most hands-on digital skills training in the country. The presenter, Guy Douglas, was himself a BID manager with many years of experience working with town centre stakeholders.

What is the Digital High Street Skills programme?

  • Lack of digital skills is a bigger high street threat than out-of-town retail parks or shopping on the internet
  • People 1st/ATCM is offering a digital skills workshop training programme for small businesses
  • Workshops programme developed jointly by ATCM and the people 1st/National Skills Academy for Retail
  • Gives SMEs and micro-businesses the knowledge and confidence to engage with their customers in both the physical and the virtual channels

Module 1: Understand Your Customer and Digital Marketing – this module covers the basics of digital marketing right through to online digital channels.

Module 2: Develop Your Business Online – a hands-on session covering e-commerce and virtual shops – showing why it isn’t optional anymore for a high street business not to have a web or social media presence.

Module 3: Grow Your Business Through Social Media – provides an introduction to using social media for a business, how to make it easier to manage.

Guy Douglas, Consultant / facilitator, Connected Places UK

m. 07592 304811

d. 01984 667723



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